Wily's Warriors
Team Name Wily's Warriors
Leader Quickman
Members Metal, Air, Bubble, Quick, Crash, Flash, Heat, Wood
HQ Wily's Castle

The Wily Warriors is the current MM2 Team led by Starnik (Quickman). The Warriors 1st incarnatio was started by John (Metalman), but soon disbanded. The 2nd incarnation was started by Tails28 (CrashMan) with Starnik being made leader.


  • Quickman/Starnik
  • Bubbleman/Akutare
  • Flashman/Cyros
  • Metalman/Naoshi
  • Airman/Shadowstrike
  • Woodman/Iga
  • Crashman/Darksage
  • Heatman/Ben

Former members:

  • Metalman/John
  • Metalman/Life Virus
  • Airman/Pharon
  • Bubbleman/Shadowblade
  • Bubbleman/Cinder/Brick
  • Quickman/Tristan
  • Crashman/Tails28
  • Flashman/Toasta Prime
  • Heat ma'am/Kelly
  • Woodman/Gringo
  • Woodman/Shadowblade
  • Woodman/Super Koala

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