Viral Infection
Team Name Viral Infection
Leader TRC
Members Guts, Fire, Number, Stone, Wood, Ice, Color, Skull, Shark, Elec, Bomb, Magic, Pharaoh, Shadow, Bass
HQ Netopia

Viral Infection is the very first EXE team made in 2001. It was formed by TRC. Unfortunately due to the imploding on Kiwibonga which resulted in many of their stories and images being deleted. The remains were posted on GeoCities before, finally moving to the Mechanical Maniacs' site.  


  • Magicman: TRC
  • Pharaohman: Nijubu
  • Bass: Blackbelt
  • Firewoman: Dragon's Rage
  • Bombman: Pyrobomb
  • Gutsman: The Spinning Demon
  • Iceman: Gary
  • Sharkman: Linkaran
  • Colorman: JenryaLee
  • Elecman: Edan
  • Skullman: Raijin
  • Numberman: Replay
  • Woodman: Dr. Light
  • Stoneman: SanityIsOverrated
  • Shadowman: Gauntlet 

Former Members

  • Gutsman: Darkillusion9 > Relicbane 
  • FireMan: SayainXtreme211 
  • WoodMan: Mike Hiscott 
  • IceMan: DarkIllusioin9 
  • PharaohMan: Mixmasta Banzai 
  • Bass: Anthony 

Former Positions: 

  • ProtoMan: Anthony 
  • Roll: EvilRoll.EXE

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