This is a list of all the Megaman Teams currently in existence, plus a roster of members for each of the teams. For teams not in existence or not canonitcal see The Past and Non-Canon Megaman Teams.

Classic SeriesEdit

Megaman 3 - The Mechanical Maniacs

Megaman 4 - Cossack's Comrades

  • Brightbabe: Jet
  • Toadman: Metabad
  • Drillman: Anime Master
  • Pharaoh Woman: Avi
  • Ringman: Cyros
  • Dustman: Sean
  • Diveman: Spark Mandrill
  • Skullman: Hunter

Megaman 9 - Cyborg Resistance Edit

  • Concrete Woman : Raes
  • Galaxy Man: AJAX (Scorpio)
  • Magma Man: Sinistar
  • JewelWoman: Riker
  • Hornet Man: Psycho the Mantiss (Naoshi)
  • Plug Man: Cranchios Adventures
  • Tornado Man: Hotdog Man (Lancepeets)
  • Splash Man: Silver Dime
  • Fakette: Sock
  • Visit Cyborg Resistance

Misc. Mega Man bosses - Seven Mercenaries

Battle Network (EXE) SeriesEdit

EXE3 - Annihilation.EXE

  • Desertman: Nijubu
  • Flashman: Fishman
  • Flamechick: Crys
  • Beastman: blackwargreymon
  • Plantman: Super Koala
  • Darklady: Letra
  • Drillman: Raijin
  • Metalman: Vulcan
  • Kingman: Blackbelt
  • Punk: (closed)
  • Bubbleman: (closed)
  • Serenade: (closed)
  • Yamatoman: (closed)
  • Bowlman: (closed)
  • Visit Annihilation.EXE
  • On Radicalentity
  • On Freewebspace


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