Megaman Team Member
Robot Name Sturm
Character Name Sturm
Team Copy Crisis (villain)
Weapon Sturm Sabre

The former head of an evil group known as Black Hole, Sturm is a powerful villain and formidable foe, the loathed arch-foe of the Copy Crisis. Shrouded in mystery, Sturm's motives and reasons for opposing the Copies are unknown. He believes Reploids and their mechanical ilk to be the supreme race and will stop at nothing to ensure his goals of world domination are achieved.


"Embrace the darkness, for soon it shall consume you too!"


Perhaps the best way to describe Sturm would have to be "archetypal super-villain" - though he is innately evil to his mechanical core, his major flaw is his oversized ego and stritc adherance to many of the stereotypes involved. Sturm is, essentially, the physical embodiment of typical villainy: he wears lots of black, is always scheming, has an evil cackle and regularly references his evilness. He is also quite mysterious, though, and his motives are never truly clear. He also rarely (if ever) does things by himself; rather, he prefers to let his lackies do that for him. As it is, he rarely if ever chooses to engage the Copies in battle; often, he is just defeated simply because his huge ego ends up getting bruised as his new plan is foiled.

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