Megaman Team Member
Saturn Ballad
Robot Name AstroChan/HeatGal.EXE
Character Name Saturn Ballad (SKY)
Team Deep Impact/Aftermath
Weapon Astro Crush/

Saturn Ballad is a very different girl with reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears blue jeans, and a black shirt. She wants to have a flame jacket to look like Hinoken. She loves to play MegaMan games (no duh), Soul Calibur games, and Kingdom Hearts. She absoulutely HATES girly things, her life, and anything that makes her angry, mostly minor things, like noise.

Saturn Ballad's been known since 2007 as AstroChan, then Venus, then HeatGal. In October of 2008, Saturn Ballad quit the position of Venus for various reasons.


"The stars in the sky are loved citizens of outer space, but I'm just some freak on Earth..."


Saturn Ballad is a depressed teenager who rebels against many things. After Hunter made a freak crash onto the planet, Saturn Ballad found his device with his memories inside of it. She put it into SearchMan, and then they both joined Deep Impact.


She might yell a lot, but Saturn Ballad's really nice... At times.


Astro Crush- This rains down a torrent of comets, pummeling anything in the area. The user is not only immune from its effects, but she is also completely protected from outside attacks until just before the hail of comets ends.


  • Saturn Ballad has never had one of her bones broken in her 14 years of living.
  • After an incident at her "home", she tried to commit suicide using others' perscription drugs. She almost got her wish of death, until her mother went to use the bathroom... And she's been taking her own medicine since.
  • Saturn Ballad holds grudges for a long time, and if the person does something to her, she wishes the person would die and burn in hell. That's a problem, ain't it?
  • Saturn Ballad is a fan of Kingdom Hearts characters. When roleplaying as one, Saturn captures the likable side of the character in such a way that even avid Kingdom Hearts haters have admitted she's good. People agree it's Saturn's skill and randomness that's really making the characters fun.
  • Saturn Ballad's favorite anime is a show that may not be well known. It's called Kikaider, and it is about a robot named Jiro, and he discovers that robots aren't liked very much. His robot form is named Kikaider. He has a few brothers, one of which is Saburo, who is an antagonist in the first season of the series. His robot form is Hakaider, and it looks a lot like a DarkMan robot... Isn't that weird?