Nonsteropolis was the name made up for an on-the-spot sister city for Monsteropolis by Raijin during the first stage of Business of War.


The ConceptionEdit

Regulus, Naop, and Rebel had been working under the impression that Monsteropolis wasn't a crucial location to the RPD, as later on it was apparent that some of the writers were confusing the city names Megapolis and Monsteropolis, which lo and behold, ended up being different names for the same city. Regulus and Rebel hadn't grasped the gravity of BoW and Ringman (Rebel's character) did his usual spastic antics while Regulus portrayed the grunts on both sides like they were guards from the Metal Gear Solid games, giving them humorous lines and quirks.

Blizzardman sent Tomahawkman into an RPD HQ outside of the main focus of the battle and gave him C4 to place at key structural points in the building. Ringman joined him later on and together they blew up the RPD HQ, stealing data from their computers containing Shutdown Code information as well.

So, What is It?Edit

Naop suggested that the Scissor Army take over the city so Mysteryman could be spared some dignity after the vicious beat-down Blizzardman dealt him, and since no one really knew what the hell was going on this stage, Rebel and Regulus agreed.

Raijin was none too pleased and Hardman had to admit that it was pretty messed up to basically destroy the entire RPD in the first stage. People lost their tempers and short words were had by all. As opposed to simply rewriting the scenario, Raijin got the idea to change the "M" in Monsteropolis to an "N," and thus Nonsteropolis was born. Everyone agreed that it was much better to have a completely different city razed to the ground and most people involved are able to look back at it now and laugh, as Nonsteropolis jokes abounded shortly thereafter.

Armored AssassinsEdit

Regulus, the Armored Assassins' Blizzardman, took the city for use in the Armored Assassin epilogues as most of the scenario was written by him and thereby most of the screwup is basically his fault.