Megaman Team Member
Robot Name Burn Rooster
Character Name Nine
Team Copy Crisis
Weapon Melt Creeper

Burn Rooster, AKA Nine, is a member of Copy Crisis and is often considered to be the de-facto "second-in-command". He is a good friend of Enigma's, and the two were the first members of the team.


"Melt Creeper sound crappy, but it's better than Squeeze Boob."


The BeginningEdit

Burn Rooster one was one of several new generation Reploids, installed with a Copy Chip. Burn was called the "White-Hot Fowl" for his resistance to high heat. Sent to work in the Industrial Waste Facility in a volcano, he would use the natural heat and his own powers to melt trash. Granted, this got on his nerves, and before long he went Maverick.

Nine AppearsEdit

After his destruction, he was not rebuilt like his peers, but instead had his DNA Data saved and given to Nine. While using the data, Nine seems to act very similar to Burn. Nine/Burn acts as an Enforcer of the team, pummeling anyone who messes with them. He likes the idea of becoming leader, but let's Yeti handle it, since he doesn't want to think that much.


  • Melt Creeper - Sends a powerful flame that travels along the ground, torching anything it touches.
  • Flame Runner - Sends out large waves of fire from both hands.
  • Enkoujin - Nine is a master of martial arts, and can peform numerous flaming attacks with his fists and feet.
  • Physical Ability - Nine is capable of performing numerous physical feats, including running, jumping, and, most of all, hand-to-hand combat.
  • Manipulation - As his power revolves around fire, Nine has the innate ability to control flames.