Megaman Team Member
Robot Name Nana
Character Name Nana
Team Copy Crisis
Weapon Electronic Data Processor (EDP)

Nana is the Copy Crisis' resident assistant, technician, computer expert, housekeeper and mistress, all rolled into one. She is a cyber technician hired by the Copies to aid them in their many missions and espacades, a job which she has since gotten used to. Her work mainly consists of helping her team-mates, scanning/communications and working with them to devise new strategies and gadgets; however, she has been known to do other jobs as well. She if often the subject of their perverted and often childish fanservice jokes.


"Lady Luck's got nothing on....the Magnificent Seven!"


Nana is quite level-headed and sensible, and when there's work to be done, she gets straight to it. Though she may seem like to be too hard of a worker at first impression, outside of her work, she is actually quite laid-back and casual, preffering to simply get on with things rather than complain or procrastinate about them.

Certainly, one who just got to know her wouldn't know of her fun side: while she seems studious and stoic on the outside, on the inside, she enjoys having fun with her friends, both online and offline, and is known to be a huge animé fan. The sevens on her chest are seen as both a cute novelty and somewhat ironic, as she often ends up bearing the brunt of her team-mates' childish tricks and jokes, something she bears with a laissez-faire attitude and mild impatience.

She is a kind girl at heart, and would willingly help her fellow Copies in any way she can. Despite this, she can be a bit personal, and generally keeps her true feelings to herself unless she feels the need to express them.



Former CareerEdit

Nana rarely ever speaks of her past, so her backstory largely remains a mystery. The only pieces of information she has actually given are that she is a former citizen of the man-made island Giga City and used to have a job working as a data consultant in the underwater detention facility, Tianna Camp. The rest beyond that, though, is pretty much unknown to all but herself....

De-Facto CopyEdit

Some time later, she was hired by Enigma to help deal with a problem in the Command Centre ("Anthill Inside"). After helping them out, the Copies hired her to join them full-time.


  • Nana is a massive animé fan, and has a huge collection of DVDs in her room. Don't touch them if you know what's good for you.
  • She could kick your ass in a game of Super Smash Bros.. Seriously.
  • She has some romantic feelings for Enigma, revealed in "A Very Copy Christmas".
  • She gets along well with Crisis - not only because of his interest in security technology, but because he's the only other totally sane one there.
  • She has a wild son-of-a-gun older brother named Ace, who appeared in "The True Meaning of Thanksgiving". Migraines ensued.

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