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The Mechanical Maniacs is the Megaman 3 team. Their adventures are so long running and complicated they need a wiki to keep track of it all because even they can't remember all the details! (More...)
The Sinister Six was the Megaman 1 team. They started the entire "Megaman Teams" fad and making fanfics based on what happened to the boss characters after the game was over. (More...)
The X-Force was, in retrospect, extremely short lived. Still, it's fondly remembered and was far more influential than it may have had a right to be with their leader, Ben, occupying positions on both the Mechs and the S6. (More...)
The Lists
  • Team List: A list of the teams currently in existence.
  • Past Teams: A list of teams that have since bit the dust.
  • Characters: The many personalities found in the Megaman Team epilogue universe.

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