Megaman Team Member
Jay and Silent Bob
Robot Name N/A
Character Name Jay and Silent Bob
Team Cossack's Comrades
Weapon ...Bongs?


"Snootch to 'da nootch!"


Jay is incredibly foul and profane. He uses foul language in every sentence. He does not shut up. Bob, on the other hand, is incredibly chill and does not speak that often.


Jersey DealersEdit

Jay and Bob have known each other since they were babies. Every day of their life they stood in front of a store in New Jersey called the Quick Stop. When they weren't they chilled at the mall or at Mooby's World. They have encountered countless adventures, such as fighting Angles and defeating a crime syndicate. Jay fell in love at this time, with a girl named Justice.

One day, a missile came out of nowhere and blew up the Quick Stop. Jay and Bob tracked down the origin of the missile to the Citadel. They helped the Comrades defeat Omni. Once that was done, they decided to stay at the citadel.

Cossack's DealersEdit

While at the Citadel, they became Dr. Cossack's best friends. They got Dr. Cossack introduced to a magical drug called Weed. Pretty much, that is all they have done ever since they arrived.

They were kicked out at one point, and they traveled to an Alternate Jersey. However it sucked and they came back. In the war, they attempted to help the Cossack side, but were really no help. However, after the war they helped the Comrades rebuid the Citadel using their connections with Don Girovega.

They also got so high they entered a magical world called the Big Rock Candy Mountains. They were afraid. VERY AFRAID!


  • The word "fuck" is used 228 times in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
  • Jay masturbates more than anyone on the planet... but he thinks about guys while doing it.
  • Bob speaks a total of 30 words in Clerks.
  • Bob speaks only 2 words in Dogma; "No ticket".
  • Jay's real name is Jason Mewes and Silent Bob is creator of the movies, Kevin Smith.
  • Jay was arrested twice for drug possession.