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Isoc was Gate's mysterious assistant, who was obsessed with finding the original Zero, even going so far as to claim that he knew everything about him. By now, it's common knowledge in the commuinity that Isoc is Wily.



Isoc is a madman, he always was, and always will be. He's cunning, deceitful, and enjoys toying with his victims. He has no remorse for his actions, and turns a blind eye to the chaos he causes. He will go to great lengths in his quest for world domination, whether it be corrupting an individual, or labotomizing multiple beings, turning them into his mindless slaves. However, he is patient, and can wait a century or more for a plan to come to fruition.


Nightmare IncidentEdit


Isoc was Gate's assistant during the Nightmare Incident. He helped build High Max, and the other Investigators. He eventually tried to recruit reploids for Gate's cause, claiming that the Nightmare Investigators were the good guys, and that they were trying to find, and destroy the Zero Nightmare, the supposed source of the Nightmare Virus. After High Max was defeated, Isoc stated that he knew Zero inside and out, and knowing that he was alive, could capture him at any time. He fled, and has yet make good on his words.


Isoc hasn't been seen since he fled after High Max's defeat, but he has recently tried his hand at annoying the Reploid Rebellion. He created an army of zombie reploids, and sent them after the Rebellion. One of the psuedo-undead had a chip attached to itself, and when the chip was touched, or in the case of Wolfang, eaten, the one who came into contact with it would become a corrupted zombie-roid, capable of controlling the whole army. This attempt ended in failure, and the chip was destroyed. Isoc's involvment in this attack remains a secret, and it's likely that he is planning another attack.


  • Isoc is Wily. Whether Wily is the true personality or just a body snatcher is still unknown.

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