Megaman Team Member
Robot Name Henry
Character Name
Team Seven Mercenaries (supporting cast)
Weapon shotgun, plasma rifle

Henry is a recurrent character in the Seven Mercenaries's epilogues. He's the bartender of his own place, "Henry's Hideout".



Before the MercsEdit

At first, Henry was your average Sniper Joe in Wily's troops. In a freaky accident, he somehow gained intelligence, sentience, and a wish for freedom.

Surprisingly, Wily did not try to repair the Joe, but instead gave him a financial support in the creation of Henry's Hideout, which later became the "official" place for successful villains (mostly Wily's lackeys, but a few Decepticons were spotted from time to time.)

The Brawl and later onEdit

After his "arrival" in the univers, Hunter became a regular customer of the Hideout.

Then, the event known as "the Brawl" happened, which started the Seven Mercenaries. The Mercs remained regular customers of the place, along with the Fatal Five.

During a Christmas, Henry was offered one of Hunter's own guns.

Business of WarEdit

After the Scissor Army's initial assault, Henry fled to Wily's side, where he delivered a certain amount of behind-the-lines support, from drinks to minor repairs.

Henry helped avorting the assault on Monsteropolis, and in punishment was sent to Murmansk.

Later, he helped in taking over the Marauder.

After the WarEdit

Though damaged by the War, the Hideout was quickly repaired with the help of the Fatal Five. Henry's future is still unknown, but it seems quite bright.


Henry started as a regular Joe, but now has a nearly human behaviour. He learned all the tricks and things that characterize a good bartender, and tries to use them all. He has a rather flawed idea of "cool", and his place reflects it : it looks like the kind of place you'd see in an old-fashioned sitcoms, including a juke-box.

In order to understand human culture, he spends most of his free time watching TV, but won't mind a good book. He seems to focus on more TV shows between the 60s and the 80s.

He may also seem like a passive guy, but anyone damaging his pub will get a mouthful of lead. He has been known to even tame Golemman with his shotgun.


Henry is a regular Joe, and as such has a buster. He tends more to use his shotgun, or the plasma rifle he was given.

A lack of fighting has made him rather prone to stress in all-out fighting.


  • Henry always seems to carry anything in his apron : card games, strings, spare spoons, loose change ... anything that may (or not) come in handy in a pub.
  • Usually, Henry also wears a bartender jacket and bowtie.
  • Even if they still have to officially meet, it seems that Henry and Hardman are on friendly terms, as the latter still didn't punch the first in a pancake for "stealing customers" or other stuff.
  • Henry coincidentally shares the same name as Naoshi (whose name in real life is actually Henry) of the 7 Mercenaries.

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