Supporting the Rebellion means being ready for a fight at any time.

Gate is intelligent and well-known Reploid scientist. Gate had created several other Reploids, all of which were extremely advanced and virtually unequaled in their respective fields. Since his return to the Hunters, he's taken up the task of supporting the Rebellion, along with aiding the Hunters any way he can.



Since he has rejoined the Hunters, Gate has taken on a role similar to Dr. Light's role as a mentor to Megaman. He's kind, patient, and wise. However, he will speak his mind, and he does get frustrated every so often, which is usually the fault of the Reploid Rebellion.


Pre-Nightmare IncidentEdit

Gate was nothing more than a highly respected reploid scientist, who had created eight highly advanced reploids. They were unrivaled in their fields, and couldn't be fully analyzed. This worried his collegues, and they arranged for these reploids to be terminated in various ways. They even went as far as involving Gate's current assistant, Alia, in the death of Wolfang. These actions shook Gate to the core, and would eventually cause him to give in to the Zero Virus. Disgusted with his collegues, Gate all but disappears from existance. Eventually, he happens upon a dying former maverick, and takes him to his lab for repairs.

Nightmare IncidentEdit

No more than a few weeks after the Earth was nearly destroyed by the Space Colony Eurasia, he becomes a Maverick after coming into contact with a piece of rubble that contains signatures of the Zero Virus. Gate then uncovers Sigma's remains, and proceeds to rebuild him, along with the eight reploids his former collegues had killed. With the help of a new assistant, Isoc, Gate builds High Max, and goes to war with the Hunters. Gate is eventually defeated, and taken back to Hunter HQ.


Gate is freed of the virus, and goes to work for the Hunters on a trial period. Satisfied that he is sane, Signas pardons him. Unbeknownst to the Hunters, Gate returns to his old lab, and Releases a newly repaired Blizzard Wolfang from containment. Confident that his systems are purged of the virus, he contacts the Hunters, and informs them of this. Alia "forgets" to relay this message to Signas, still feeling guilty about killing the innocent Wolfang in the past. A damaged cyborg is brought to Gate, and having to decide if it lives, or dies, Gate reformats it into Metal Shark Player. Eventually, the Rebellion is formed, and Gates takes it upon himself to aid them in any way possible.


  • Gate is the only one able to smack Wolfang upside the head, and remain unscathed. This may be due to the original Wolfang being fiercly loyal to him.
  • There have been hints of a relationship between Gate and Alia, but if they were true, Alia would have to have the patience of a saint to get past him burying himself in his work constantly.

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