Fabulous Falzar Five
Team Name Fabulous Falzar Five
Leader Chiba
Members Aqua, Tomahawk, Dust, Ground, Tengu

The Fabulous Falzar Five is a team consisting of the Link Navis from the Falzar version of MegaMan Battle Network 6, created by Chiba. The site is currently in development. The website was first made on 000Webhost on March 24, 2015 and is currently open in March 28, 2015.

There is only one member on the team, currently.

The web has moved multiple times until it stopped onto Yola. This was because Chibiyima discovered 000Webhost was a scam due to its 60% uptime.

No word if this team is active or not. It seems to be in limbo.

Visit the Fabulous Falzar Five website.