Drastic Measures
Team Name Drastic Measures
Leader Shadowstrike (Turbo Man)
Members Freeze, Junk, Cloud, Burst, Spring, Slash, Shade, Turbo
HQ Casket Mansion

Drastic Measures is the official MM7 Team led by Shadowstrike (Turbo Man). As their name states they are usually only called upon if there is really, REALLY no other way, due to their mast amount of destruction of their battles.

Team MembersEdit

Final roster:

  • Turbo Man: Shadowstrike
  • Junk Man: SD76
  • Cloud Man: Metabad
  • Spring Man: Darksage
  • Burstgirl: Avi
  • Freezeman: Amethyst Nighthut
  • Shade Man: Guyver Ultima
  • Slash Man: Alexander Max

Former Members:

  • Slash Man: Myone
  • Slash Man: Briansfox
  • Shade Girl: Duck
  • Shade Man: Demon Roy
  • Spring Man: Grad
  • Burst Man: Purple Monkey
  • Freeze Man: Beowolf

Team HistoryEdit

The team first incarnation started when they were all tricked by Dr. Wily and Forte, where they thought they were going to become workers for a nice old man. Soon after Dr. Wily then turned them all into robot masters, Shadowstrike as Turbo Man, Seadragon76(SD76) as Junk Man, Metabad as Cloud Man, Beowolf as Freeze Man, Purple Monkey as Burst Man, Grad as Spring Man, Duck as Shade Girl, and Myone as Slash Man. They maneged to escape Wily's capture though and formed the team known as Drastic Measures. Soon after the though 6/8 of the team were hypnotized as sleeper agents for Wily, while Shadowstrike and Myone were out cold, though they did not notice. Unfortuantly Myone, Duck and Grad departed from the team either the loss of their powers or death (often death) where they were replaced by Briansfox (Slash Man), Demon Roy (Shade Man) and Darksage (Spring Man, though later on Darksage would later be hypnotized as one of Wily's sleeper agents. Soon after the team were all captured by Wily and the hypnotized members were put to battle against Shadowstrike, Briansfox and Demon Roy. Luckily, the , the Mesmero Gun was destroyed so the Hynptized teamates got their senses back and defeated Wily. Purple Monkey later left due to being virtually shaken of being hypnotized and left the team to find himself. Afte a battle against Zio Avi became their new Burstgirl. Soon after the team's adventures got darker until the battle with Beyonder and Business of War took the lives of Demon Roy, Briansfox and Beowolf. They were later replaced with Amythist Nighthut (Freeze Man), Guyver Ultima (Shade Man), and Alexander Max (Slash Mam).

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