Deep Impact
Team Name Deep Impact
Leader Tenguman
Members Tengu, Clown, Grenade, Frost, Search, Astro, Sword, Aqua
HQ Deep Impact base

Deep Impact is a Megaman 8 Team. It is currently led by Flashman3000, aka Tenguman. They have officially started around August, 2006.

Team RosterEdit

Deep ImpactEdit

  • Tengu Man : Flashman3000
  • Clown Man : Dash.EXE
  • Sword Man : Scorpio
  • Astro Chan : Kanna
  • Aqua Man : Neolan
  • Search Man : OPEN
  • Grenade Man : Mahajarah
  • Frost Man : Castala

Former Swordman was Blazeman.

Former Astrochan was SKY.

Former Searchman was Hunter.

Former Frostman was Draconis.

Former Sword Man was Chaos Wolf

Defense and JuryEdit

So far, only one person of this group has been seen : Honour, from the Defense.

In total, both groups have eight members, and seem to be under the orders of Duo.


So far, only Wily has been seen as a villain in the Epilogues.


Before the WarEdit

  • Beginnings, of a sort : The tale of the Team's creation.
  • First base ... strike ! : Where the Team finds itself a more suitable base.

The Business of WarEdit

Deep Impact's carrier was rather messy during the War : Tengu and Clown joined the RPD, while the remaining Impacters joined Cossack.

On their first mission, half of the Cossacker Impacters were infected by Wraithman's Evil Energy, which later caused them to go berserk during their missions.

Tengu and Clown didn't fare well, either, until they were taken out by Mysteryman.

During the Scissor Army's assault on the Citadel, Frostman was captured and turned into an Officer. He was later defeated by the Armored Assassins and the Tech Tyrants.

The remaining Cossack Impacters were then mind-controlled by Mesmerman, until an ultimate battle with Clown and Tengu.

After the War, the seven remaining members, purged of mind-control and Evil Energy, went back to their base. Frostman's fate is still unknown.

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