Cossack's Comrades
Team Name Cossack's Comrades
Leader Drillman
Members Drill, Ring, Pharaoh, Dive, Bright, Toad, Skull, Dust
HQ Cossack Citadel

The Cossacks Comrades is the Megaman 4 team It was originally founded by Shadowyguy, but was taken over by Anime Master after a few months of inactivity, years AM retired his position as leader and gave it up to their Dustman, Sean.  After a long period of disbandment CC has restarted, with Sean once again as leader. While not the first Megaman 4 team, it is certainly the longest lasting.

Team RosterEdit

  • Drillman: Anime Master
  • Pharaohwoman: Avi
  • Toadman: Metabad
  • Brightbabe: Jet
  • Dustman: Sean
  • Diveman: Spark Mandrill
  • Ringman: Cyros
  • Skullman: Hunter_Chameleon

Famous Former MembersEdit

  • Brightbabe: Chibi Keba
  • Toadgal: Zapper
  • Toadman: Regulus
  • Skullman: Shadowyguy
  • Skullman: Err
  • Skullman: Zymeth
  • Ringman: Rebel40000
  • Ringman: Zach Jones
  • Pharaohman:Sergal
  • Pharaohman:Jade
  • Dustman: GDT
  • Diveman: Christopher Thurfors
  • Toadman: Dennis McNeil
  • Drillman: Splash Warfly

Supporting CastEdit

Rogues' GalleryEdit

See also: Characters in the Business of War


Season OneEdit

...let's not mention the atrocity that is Season One.

Season TwoEdit

  • ...well at least some of the one's writeen by Rebel were funny, right? This season could be broken down into arcs: Omni Arc, Incredible Arc, Random Arc (With a special epilogue written with Gary), and the beginning of Season Three with the Wraithman Arc.

Season ThreeEdit

  • The most coherent arc yet, mostly dealing with Wraithman and the new Skullman. This arc is in Business of War. Also for no reason is the death of Toad Girl, the departure of Ringman, and the introduction to three new members. Starts to introduce the Decepticons and more 80's filled adventures...but then it was cancelled due to a large period of inactivity and the loss of Anime Master..