Cosmic Gladiators
Team Name Cosmic Gladiators
Leader Jupiter
Members Mercury, Venus, Terra, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sunstar (villain)
HQ The Great Zodiac

The Cosmic Gladiators are a rather unique team in five ways.

First off, they are based on the only "playable" Game Boy game, Rockman World V— that is, the other four classic and two X-series portable games can't have teams made from the regular rosters since they overlap with other games.

Second, they're also the only team at present to have the spot as their lead villian (Sunstar) as a position. Other than Sunstar; the team consists of Mercury, Venus, Terra, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Third, it is one of the only teams to ever have a member quit and return in a different position, in the case of WinterMan.exe, who quit his position as Pluto in November of 2007 and returned as Terra in October of 2008. (One of the only other instances is with the Armored Assassins, as their member Zedfelos quit his position as Plant Man but returned as Wind Man.)

Fourth, the team spend the majority of their epilogues in outer space. Furthermore, the Great Zodiac (later renamed to the Galactic Zodiac) has the ability to travel between universes, allowing crossovers and/or parodies of various sci-fi shows. The canon explanation is that unlike a fanfic the other universes are not actually that of their respective show, but alternates with two differences; they are unrelated to their respective media except in similarity to said media, and all such universes differ from the original media in that all space craft can travel between universes just like the Great Zodiac.

Relation to the Meta-Entity Community Edit

The fifth unique trait is that it is the only team to have inspired a new community along similar veins, but understanding this requires one to know their history. Founded April 24, 2006; the team quickly went on hiatus when its leader, Stardust, was unable to stay connected to the team for a while due to real-life events. When he returned in late July 2007 after spending a year as an exchange student in Colombia, the only original members remaining were he, WinterMan.exe (later known in the Mega Man Teams community as Zair) and Shift. The team then began to search for almost a whole new roster, and skipped straight to Season 2 and the second-generation armor (one of the first teams, if not THE first, to have "new generation" armor which varied greatly from the original robot master it was based on) in the epilogues to mirror this restart. The Business of War arc was a dividing issue among members of the Cosmic Gladiators due to online drama. After the event, the Cosmic Gladiators disbanded for a short time due to the issues it caused to each of them, before reforming almost a year later.

Though they all agreed that the event was "a disaster", it was hardest on WinterMan.exe, who was Pluto at the time. The mind of WinterMan.exe's Pluto was that of a NetNavi of the same name, originating from a then-favored project of his, who was "killed" via the complete destruction of Pluto during the event. Other issues also existed, compounding the situation; he was noted to have held a grudge for several years afterward. After the reformation, a disagreement between three members including him (then known by Zair as Terra; the other two being Renard/Magnus as Mars, and Shift as Sunstar) concluded with all three leaving permanently. The team disbanded again shortly after, with a proposed reformation cancelled due to the existence of a different Rockman World V team at the time.

In 2017, an emerging community known as Metamedia (the "continuity" being referred to as the Meta-Entity community, with Metamedia being the only playable faction) came into being, which has elements of the Mega Man community prior to the Business of War arc, as well as writing communities known as "Mary Sue Hunters". Meta-Entities, unlike Mega Man Teams or Sue Hunters, are stated to have the job of "fixing" downer endings and dealing sentences to villains who dodged karma, entering "fictional realities" and altering them to achieve this— the original works are, in Meta-Entity canon, unaltered in "real life" but no longer reflect the true events of these "fictional realities". The community was founded by SimYouLater, or "Gadg8eer" in Metamedia writing, formerly WinterMan.exe as Pluto and Zair as Terra, while the idea originated with FollowMyGraphite, or "ArcoIris" in stories of that community, formerly Stardust as Jupiter.

The Meta-Entity community does not use the word "epilogue" as the use is considered incorrect, with epilogues being a "post-story section of writing" by definition, instead referring to them as "episodes" in real life and "missions" in-story. An as-of-yet unreleased episode was written by SimYouLater involved his character using specialized abilities to rewrite the "fictional reality" behind the canon Mega Man Team epilogues, changing the fate of WinterMan.exe for reasons related purely to the Meta-Entity community, in a "special" way that would be used as the prototypical example of an episode which involves retrieving something from a timeline while making no perceivable change and thus being impossible to "overwrite" but also inconsequential to both the "true fictional reality" of the setting and the contents of the real world copies of the work. SimYouLater has stated that "fixing" the part of the continuity he had issue with would require multiple attempts due to being "overwritten" by the remaining portions of the Mega Man Team community (and would also require a new plan each time, as per the rules of the Meta-Entity community), and doing so more than once would be emotionally unhealthy as well as against the "never make it about you" rules of that community, with the episode in question re-written several times before being published due to re-analysis of the Mega Man Team community. How another Meta-Entity character, such as ArcoIris, would achieve the goal of preventing Business of War, if such a task is further pursued, remains to be seen.

Team RosterEdit

The CGEdit

  • Mercury - Izuki Yunazaki/Enigma
  • Venus - (open)
  • Terra - Zair (formerly known as WinterMan.EXE)
  • Mars - Renard Devrin/Magnus Riujin
  • Jupiter - Jeremy Lehn/Stardust
  • Saturn - Matt Saionji/REX Barron
  • Uranus - Kain/Alpha Reptile
  • Neptune - Jase/Sapphire Knight
  • Pluto - Damien/Draconis

Past MembersEdit

  • Mercury - Dale Uno/Nicktendonick, Sora Misaki/Zerkai
  • Venus - Greyring
  • Terra - Sirius.EXE, Mako
  • Mars - Metalboy
  • Jupiter - (none; Stardust is one of the CG's only two original members remaining)
  • Saturn - Ridge/ReploidOf20XX
  • Uranus - Brick, Quinten Thayer/danny1001
  • Neptune - Jason/Mr. Fortune Cookie, Ziggirit/Wise_Idiot
  • Pluto - WinterMan.EXE (who has since returned as Terra)
  • Sunstar - (none; Shift is one of the CG's only two original members remaining)

The Main Villian and his MinionsEdit

  • Sunstar - Shift
  • Dark Moon

Sunstar's SyndicateEdit

A semi-long list of semi-bumbling minions Shift routinely tries to have kill the CG like any evil villian does. Unlike Sunstar and Dark Moon, they are not from the game but characters completely made from scratch. Most were built to be counterparts to the various CG members.

Almost all of the counterparts are named after the largest moon orbiting each planet, except for Kleinchen; the reason for the name is no longer clear, but it is known that Venus does not have any moons.

  • Phobos/Deimos - Mars' counterpart.
  • Kleinchen - The original Venus's counterpart.
  • Aphrodite - The current counterpart for Venus.
  • Oberon - Uranus's counterpart.
  • Ganymede - Jupiter's counterpart.
  • Selene - Terra's counterpart.
  • Hermes - Mercury's counterpart.
  • Titan - Saturn's counterpart.
  • Triton - Neptune's counterpart.
  • Charon - Pluto's counterpart.

Other VillainsEdit

Brock Nightmare - A corrupt Star Ranger from Star Command, who has arrested both the CG and Sunstar multiple times, mostly on false pretenses.

See also: Characters in the Business of War


Season 1Edit

  • 0 - Boldly Going Where No 'Bot Has Gone Before!
  • 1 - Invasion of the Met-troids!
  • 2 - To Infinity (But We're Stopping There)
  • 3 - The Syndicate
  • 4 - Tenth Rock from the Sun
  • 5 - Little Space Adventure
  • 6 - Return of the Jed- I Mean, Cosmic Gladiators

Season 2Edit

  • 7 - Check out the New Gear!
  • 8 - Down Where It's Wetter, It Actually Sucks More
  • 9 - Cosmic Gladiators Halloween Special
  • 10 - Astro Lounge (In progress)
  • 11 - Sheesh, School Really DOES Have Uses! (In progress)


  • Stardust, Shift and Zair (aka WinterMan.exe) were the only original members of the CG remaining when the team last disbanded. Zair originally held the Pluto position, but quit and later came back as Terra.
  • The CG used to have a site hosted on Tripod as a subaccount within Stardust and his brother's site; it was because of Mako that they opened a new account on WordPress.
  • Epilogue 5 is the final epilogue to feature Dale, Greyring, Sirius.EXE, Metalboy, Ridge, Mr. Fortune Cookie, and Brick. This reflects the fact that the Cosmic Gladiators had restarted in the summer of 2007 after a very long hiatus, making seven positions open at once. Shift decided to return shortly after re-hiring began.
  • Epilogue 7 was actually the third Season 2 epilogue to be written.
  • The Cosmic Gladiators have shared a total of seven members— past and present— with the Reploid Rebellion: Stardust (Commander Yanmark and Jupiter), Shift (Blaze Heatnix and Sunstar), Draconis (Blizzard Wolfang and Pluto), REX Barron (second Infinity Mijinion and Saturn), Metalboy (former Ground Scaravich and former Mars), Brick (former Rainy Turtloid and former Uranus), and Mr. Fortune Cookie (former Shield Sheldon and former Neptune).
  • The Cosmic Gladiators were named partially after the Gila Gladiators, in which Jeremy was Dynaman at the time the Cosmic Gladiators was founded. At one point there was a debate about renaming the team to the "Cosmic Crusaders", but at the time the team was still using Jeremy's tripod account for their site, and changing the team's name would have required copying and editing every page in the site to another site on the account with the new team name. In addition, the forums would have had to be abandoned as well, as Invisionfree also did not allow renaming sites. With these complications, the initials "CC" already being used by two other teams, and the opinion that "the CG mainly just fight stuff like Gladiators instead of fighting for a cause like Crusaders", the new name concept never came to fruition.

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