Copy Crisis
Team Name Copy Crisis
Leader Avalanche Yeti
Members Yeti, Rooster, Mantis, Man-o-War, Antonion, Pandamonium, Sunflower, Trilobyte
HQ Copy Crisis Command Centre

Copy Crisis is the Megaman X8 team. Consisting of Avalanche Yeti, Burn Rooster, Gigavolt Man-o-War, Dark Mantis, Gravity Antonion, Bamboo Pandamonium, Optic Sunflower and Earthrock Trilobyte, the team is lead by Yeti, AKA Enigma. They are a relatively-new team, having only formed towards the middle of 2007. However, they are a rapidly-growing team.

The title comes from the fact that each member of the team (or the "Copies", as they are known) possesses a special Copy Chip, a unique device that, once used by a person, grants them the appearance, abilities, and general embodiment of that particular Maverick.

Team RosterEdit

The CopiesEdit

Supporting CastEdit

Rogues' GalleryEdit


Season OneEdit

  • 0 - Intro: What is the Copy Crisis? Why do we do what we do? This background story answers all.
  • 1 - Team Recruiting: Three spots remaining? That can't be good. See what happens when they try to fix that little problem.
  • 2 - Here Comes Trouble: Some old enemies return, plus a deadly new one. Can the Copies stop them?
  • 3 - Anthill Inside: The Copies impulsively hire a new Antonion, resulting in....trouble. Bug-based trouble.
  • 4 - Rise of the Poképloids: Love, security, and Pokemon-based reploids. A new mystery abounds!
  • 5 - Rock 'n' Rolled: Marl brings the Copies to see his favourite band, but everything isn't as it seems.
  • 6 - High-Voltage Havoc: A new member joins the CC, but a bit of a mix-up could cause....problems.
  • 7 - All-Out Ball: Sturm challenges the CC to a game of football (or soccer), and a new face appears to come to their aid.
  • 8 - Tribute: Enigma recalls how he and Nine played the so-called "Best Song in the World".
  • 9 - The Appliance of Science: Marl goes to the local science convention to show off his latest device, but a familiar foe is awaiting him.
  • 10 - The True Meaning of Thanksgiving: Crisis cooks a Thanksgiving feast for some very special guests, including his lovely sister Coyote.
  • 11.1 - Dynamaximum Chaos, Part 1: Soldier of Sorrow: Dynamax is acting strange....could his poignant past be returning to haunt him?
  • 11.2 - Dynamaxiumum Chaos, Part 2: Past and Future Evils: Dynamax's plight continues as he is captured and used in a dangerous experiment. Will the Copies be able to defeat a hideous new monster and save their friend?
  • 12 - From Russia With Hate: Enigma decides to go on vacation, and so he drags the other Copies to his favourite place on Earth: good ol' Russia!
  • 13 - A Very Copy Christmas: The Copies have one crazy Christmas as a mad Poképloid threatens to engulf the city in a block of ice! Tons of festive madness!
  • 14 - Third 'n' a Half: Marl's third and a half epilogue! Randomness ahoy!

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