Black Hole
Team Name Black Hole
Leader Sturm
Members Sturm, Jugger, Dimentio, Capt. Sargston, Selene
HQ Unknown

The Black Hole is an evil organization lead by Sturm. Made up of numerous sinister Reploids or cybernetically-enhanced beings, their only goal is to crush humanity, install robotkind as the major race and make Sturm the supreme ruler of the world.

The original Black Hole uprising was defeated, though, and left to drown in obscurity with little to their name. However, Sturm now seeks to rebuild it and relaunch his campaign for world domination.


A few surviving members of the Black Hole have appeared on multiple occasions, though they have yet to appear canonically in the epi-verse. These are the known COs of Black Hole:

  • Jugger: A cybernetic brute encased in a large metal shell. He speaks in a computer-like tone and possesses sheer brute strength.
  • Dimentio: An insane jester with a bizzare sense of humour. He can submerse his foes in his own virtual reality and plague their minds.
  • Captain Sargston: A bitter, chainsmoking military officer. Pilots his own personal mech, Von Blitzkrieg, a fifteen-foot robot armed with a plethora of explosive weapons.
  • Selene: A violent and sadistic dominatrix that seduces her foes before assassinating them painfully.

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