Armored Assassins
Team Name Armored Assassins
Leader Blizzardman
Members Blizzard, Knight, Yamato, Tomahawk, Plant, Wind, Centaur, Flame
HQ Flying Fortress

The Armored Assassins are the Megaman 6 team, a group of international warriors that work for Interpol, who work together to defeat their numerous foes and protect humanity. They are lead by Regulus/Blizzardman.

Team RosterEdit

The AssassinsEdit

  • Blizzardman/Regulus
  • Knightman/Zymeth
  • Yamatoman/Zerkai
  • Tomahawkman/Regdar
  • Plantman/Raven Camelot
  • Windman/Zedfelos
  • Centaurgirl/Misty
  • Flameman/Jade

Former Members:

  • Centaurgirl/Zapper
  • Windman/Naoshi
  • Flameman/Tommy
  • Yamatoman/Josh
  • Flameman/Sora Misaki
  • Yamatoman/Enigma

Supporting CastEdit

  • Inspector Noguchi

Rogues' GalleryEdit


The epilogues do not actually take place until after the Business of War.

Season OneEdit

  • 1 - Armoured Assassins, Unite!: The Armoured Assassins are called to duty to stop a mysterious criminal mastermind. What's behind this sudden mission?
  • 2 - Meet the Mechs: A new band of villains show up to battle the Assassins! Can they handle these wacky ne'er-do-wells?
  • 3 - Ragnarok and Roll: An epilogue of Lovecraftian proportions. Zedfelos accidentally releases a monster named Cthulhu from his ancient prison, and the only way to stop him is....with rock?
  • 4 - If you Give a Puzzleman a Brightbabe: Regulus tells the tale of how Misty became Centaur Gal.
  • 5 - Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing; Spade!: An old foe of the Assassins appears to stir up some kooky, comedic chaos. Oh boy....
  • 6 - The Awkwardly Amusing Return of the Mad Mechs! (in progress): As it says. The chaotic 'bots return to harass our heroes, with a new surprise in store.
  • 7: Flame On, Flame Off: The Assassis try to sort out Sora's pyromania, with limited success.


  • The reason none of the epilogues take place is because at the time Business of War was being written, the Armored Assassins didn't have any epilogues up, and due to outside incidents, the team was unable to write any epilogues leading up to Business of War.
  • Nonsteropolis, the city which the Flying Fortress is located, is a nod to the first stage of Business of War, where Rebel, Regulus, and Naop made a continuity error of having the Scissor Army capture the city of Monsteropolis, which would have effectively ended the writing event since it was the RPD main HQ. Raijin changed the name to Nonsteropolis and the joke stuck. The IQ level of the citizens of Nonsteropolis is rumored to be 10 points lower on average.
  • There was a bit of a debate over the AA's rise to the MM6 slot, as Shinobu Plantman, the current team's Plantman, decided to restart his team around the same time AA was announcing their formation. Shinobu, however, had about 1/4 of the slots filled and AA had all 8 slots filled and a crappy filler epilogue already up, so it was decided that the Armored Assassins were the one and only Megaman 6 team!
  • Exactly half of the Armored Assassins live in New Mexico (Blizzardman, Tomahawkman, Knightman, and Windman).

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