Team Name Anhilation
Leader Raijin
Members Flash, Desert, Flame, Bubble, Plant, Beast, Drill, Dark, Yamato, King, Bowl, Metal, Punk, Seranade
HQ Varies

 Started in 2003 it was Co-Founded by CiFNAS (Seranade) and Havoc (Punk). However, despite the name it was for the first season two teams in one:the Net Guardians and the Acid Hackers.  The site is currently run on the Mechanical Maniacs server.

Members Edit

  • Punk: (closed)
  • Desertman: Nijubu
  • Flashman: Fishman
  • Flamechick: Crys
  • Beastman: blackwargreymon
  • Plantman: Super Koala
  • Bubbleman: *open*
  • Serenade: (closed)
  • Darklady: Letra
  • Drillman: Raijin
  • Metalman: Vulcan
  • Yamatoman: (Open?)
  • Bowlman: (Open?)
  • Kingman: Blackbelt

Former members:

  • Darkman: Vidal
  • Darklady: Rajal Tikana
  • Flashman:Gemini
  • Flashman: Centaur Man
  • Flameman:Floofie
  • Yamatoman:Midoriman
  • Punk:Havoc
  • Seranade:CiFNAS
  • Bowlman:Novaman
  • BubbleMan:ShadowBlade9000
  • BubbleMan:Akutare
  • MetalMan:Cyros                

Optional postions

  • MistMan

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