Megaman Team Member
Robot Name N/A
Character Name Ace
Team Copy Crisis (Supporting Cast)
Weapon His trusty handgun

Ace is the wild, rowdy, son-of-a-gun older brother of Nana, an expert marksman and gunslinger who values his trusty handgun over anything else.


"Aces high, jokers low!"


Wild, cocky and reckless, Ace lives for the thrill of adventure. No matter how dangerous the situation, Ace tends to leap into it regardless, never bothering to analyze it beforehand. He is typically adorned with a cheesy grin and a sly twinkle in his eye, something that anyone who knows him well enough would see as a warning to run.

Ace is a rebel, living by his own rules and never letting anyone tell him what to do. He likes to view himself as a "ladies' man" and tends to flirt with any and all girls he finds attractive. Though he seems to be chronically daring and relentless, he has a good sense of justice and loyally cares for his friends and allies.

He also values his trusty gun more than just about anything else, it would seem. When he gets tense, he will often chew on bullets.


Neither Ace nor Nana have actually revealed anything of his past, so that's not really important.

Copies' ThanksgivingEdit

During the chaotic events of "The True Meaning of Thanksgiving", Nana invited her brother to come over for the holiday (however, he actually just showed up uninvited for the surprise). While at the Copy Crisis Command Centre, Ace just lay around, attempting to make out with Crisis' super-cute sister, Coyote, who had also come over for the holiday - that is, until the latter picked a fight with him, very nearly ruining the festivities.

After the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, Ace took his leave. Chances are, he'll be back.


  • He is, much to the latter's dismay, Nana's brother.
  • He treats his gun like a person. To him, it's a part of him.

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